My Friends Blog Addresses


Dear Readers, In school we read a book and I read tell it but iam going to be the human instead of a ant it is called two bad ants. One day I woke up and I went for a walk and went to get breakfast. Then I got home, and took a nap. Then my friend came over and we had some pizza and I tasted something weird. It was one of the ants! Then I put it back outside. I went sleep and I woke up and had some coffee. I wanted some sugar, and I saw little black things. They where ants. so I went and put them outside. Then I had coffee and went around my house to see the ants where coming from. I saw there was a little crack in the door. So I  went to the store and got all the stuff, Then I fixed the door and went to bed. That day they never came back the end.  picture two bad ants  here is the book Love Mackenzie

Persuasive Writing

  Dear readers, I’m learning about persuasive writing so here is my Pease of writing.   To began with I should get my own room  because I get to watch l pay to get my own TV (Maybe). I don’t have to get woken up buy my sister. I will get to sleep with Mario (cat) I will go to sleep when my parents tell me. I clean my own room by myself. lets remember I want my own room. I won’t  get to hear when I’m half asleep to turn the tv up I can just keep it my way or the way mom said to. If I get my own room I will keep it clean. if I had my own room I will put my own clothes into the dryer. That is why I sould get my own room. Love Mackenzie.  Please comment